Is your business certified?

Yes my business and kitchen is certified and council approved.

How far in advance should I place my order?

I recommend you place your order as soon as you know the date of the occasion to avoid disappointment. I require seven (7) days’ notice with majority of the menu selection as all my sweets are freshly baked and created. For customized specialty cakes, depending on your requirements, the sooner you order the better as I may need to place an order with one of my suppliers to meet your needs. I understand life just happens and sometimes you may need to place an order very close to the date needed. If this is the case, please feel free to contact me and I will work hard to meet your needs where it is possible.

How do I place an order?

Online via the website

Are there allergen free options?

Unfortunately, due to being a new business I am currently not offering allergen free options. How ever my goal in the near future is to supply allergy friendly products as I know personally how important it is to be able to have the same options as everyone else.

Are your cakes and sweets made from scratch?

Yes, most definitely. Everything I can make from scratch, I do. There is the exception of the added lollies that are incorporated in some recipes. I purchase high quality ingredients to ensure flavor and texture is at a high standard.

Are there options for my budget?

Yes, I will always work with you to meet your budget to my best ability and am very happy to discuss your options.

Please do remember that regardless of the options offered, your purchase will always be higher than buying similar products from the supermarket. This is due to the quality of the ingredients, the time spent on the sweet of choice, and it is baked from scratch and handcrafted with care.

If I give you a picture of a cake, could you please copy the design?

You can certainly send pictures of a design you may like for inspiration and a clearer visual, however the end result will not be exactly the same. For example,
the colour yellow of the buttercream in a picture may be a slightly different shade of yellow in the end result. A “Bluey” cake topper could be a different version of a “Bluey”. Or, the textured look of the buttercream desired, may not be exactly the same due to having my own technique when applying buttercream. Every cake designer utilizes their talents in various ways and puts their own style in what they create. In saying this, I would discuss the design with you in detail and ensure your needs are meet so you are happy with your product.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Local delivery is $10. For deliveries in surrounding areas there will be a charge depending on the distance.

Can you add a note/message to my delivery?

Yes. If your order is a gift for someone, I can leave a personalized message. Please ensure you write your message at the time of checkout in the provided area.

How do I transport my cake?

When picking up your cake please ensure you place it on the floor of the front seat or the boot where it is flat. It is also important you have the car cold by cooling it before arriving to pick it up. You will be provided a product care card upon pick up/delivery. Please note I am not held responsible for any damages that occur once the product has been picked up/delivered.

What cake flavours are there?

If there is a cake flavour not listed that you would like, please contact me for your request or leave it in the note box provided when you order. I am happy to accommodate where possible.

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Mud
  • Chocolate
  • White Chocolate mud
  • Red Velvet
  • Caramel Mud
  • Caramel
  • Passionfruit White
  • Banana
  • Banana White Chocolate mud
  • Pineapple Coconut
  • Coconut Rough
  • Jaffa

What flavour buttercreams and fillings do you have?

If there is a flavour not listed that you would like, please contact me and request or leave it in the note box provided when you order. I am happy to accommodate where possible.


  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Chocolate
  • Orange
  • Caramel
  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Cream cheese
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • White Chocolate


  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Mixed berry
  • Passionfruit
  • Lemon


  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate

What is your choice of cake covering?

I mainly use Swiss Meringue Buttercream to cover specialty cakes. However, I also use Italian, Russian, and at times American buttercream. Other coverings include Ganache, and Fondant. My choice of coverings are made by determining variable factors. These may include but not limited; environmental, design, and purpose.

Is there ever a time you decline a request?

Unfortunately, there will be times I may have to decline a request. Example of such times may
include but not limited:

  • I am fully booked and am unable to take on any more orders at that current time. However, in most cases I would notify my customers via Facebook and/or this website.
  • There is an order I may not able to fulfil due to expertise (Yes, I will always be honest with you) or I do not have the equipment and/or unable to purchase special ingredients on time.
  • I fall ill and don’t want to risk contamination and know I wouldn’t complete your order on time.

In any of these situations, communication will be kept, and I will happily refer/recommend other local cake/dessert businesses.

Can I make changes to my order?

This is not a yes or no question. It all depends when (making/creating process) and what your change request is. Please contact me as soon as possible for any changes and I will do my best to make the change. Please be aware this may not always be possible.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order however, these terms and conditions apply:

Custom cake and Sugar Flower cancellation six (6) days or less prior to pick up, no refund will be processed. Seven (7) days to fourteen (14) days prior to pick up, 50% of the purchase price will be refunded. Full refund will be processed greater than fourteen (14) days prior to pick up.

Cancellation on all other sweets from the Moreish Morsels menu forty-eight (48) hours prior to pick, no refund will be processed. Forty-eight (48) hours to four (4) days prior to pick up, 50% of purchase price will be refunded. Greater than five (5) days prior to pick up, a full refund will be processed. Depending on circumstances and at my discretion, there may be an option for the purchase to be transferable.

Can I make my own Dessert box?

No unfortunately this is not possible. There is a choice of three (3) sizes with a variety of desserts that fit the boxes accordingly.